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Disrupt, Collaborate, Innovate

Tomorrow's Beauty Business


We do Things Differently

Hampton Beauty was founded to influence a new era of global beauty business development. Given the fast changing world of beauty, our goal is to deliver long-term growth and success. We interject new thinking into the business scenario and together with our collaborative partners we challenge the norm, disrupt conventional processes and give consumers added value. Hampton Beauty offers control of the brand image globally, speed to market and full turnkey solutions in delivering creative and innovation-led brands that are set to break the beauty mold.


Only Limited by Imagination

At Hampton Beauty, we strive to say yes more than we say no. Whether it’s fragrance, color cosmetics or skin and body care, our unique collaborative business model breaks traditional barriers and allows our clients the freedom to bring their vision to life with high quality, bespoke products that engage consumers and inspire social conversation. With our strategic resources worldwide delivering the latest in product & package development and technology, strong global distribution networks and accelerated timelines, you can dream big, and we'll take care of the rest.

360 Product Development / Marketing / 360 Creative & CGI Visualization / Distribution / Global Reach

Small Team, Big Experience

The Hampton Beauty team of highly experienced, beauty industry experts bring a wealth of knowledge across all beauty categories, creative innovation and business strategy that simplifies the complex and maximises the return. Get in touch to discover the new era of collaborative beauty business.


"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."